There is No “I” in Team

There is No “I” in Team

Question: What is the difference between EFTH and HE?

Answer: EFTH, Equipping For The Harvest, is a multi-course curriculum designed to motivate, inspire and activate church pastors and leaders to reach unreached people groups. HE, is the acronym for Harvest Equippers, a follow-up training that trains pastors and leaders to do and teach EFTH.

Question: What can just two organizations and four individuals accomplish, and how?

Answer: CHANGE ETERNITY through teamwork!

Question: Who were the organizations and individuals?

Answer: In 2015, with significant help from a local church, Church For All Nations (CFAN) and their pastor, Mark Cowart, an EFTH event was held in Kampala, Uganda. As a result of that event, we have received reports that over 60 churches were planted. In May 2016 AIMS conducted a Harvest Equippers Training Conference with the Ugandan Born Again Pentecostal Churches (BAPC) Fellowship. Significant pastors and leaders from the 2015 event attended this conference. AIMS’ trainers were Paul and Rita Romanick, Les Hall and LaVere Soper.

At the end of the conference, 46 HE Certificates of Completion were awarded. The next step is for each of them to teach two or more modules at an EFTH or HE Training event with a certified AIMS Trainer present to observe, mentor, and evaluate their performance.

Question: Has there been fruit from this training?

Answer: YES!

One of the pastors who completed the HE training, teamed with 30 other pastors and sponsored a 3-day missions/revival meeting. Over 600 villagers attended and hundreds were led to the Lord!

Several pastors have already begun coordinating with other pastors to establish future EFTH or HE training conferences.

Praise God for team work (with no “I”) that opens new doors of opportunity and our team is Quick to Act!

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