On September 25-29 AIMS convened its first ever AIMS Summit.  Held in the breathtaking location of Buena Vista, Colorado at the foot of three 14,000-foot mountain peaks (Princeton – 14,204 ft., Harvard – 14,421 ft. and Yale – 14,202 ft.), bathed in the beauty of God’s artistry of shimmering Aspens, 30 AIMS staff, Representatives. Coordinators and Board of Directors found renewal, inspiration and outstanding fellowship.  


Four key words came out of the devotional time that set a positive tone for the entire Summit.  They were:

  • Wisdom –Seeing life through God’s perspective.

  • Knowledge –Information you need to know to do the job you need to do.

  • Understanding –Knowing how to apply the knowledge.

  • Discretion –Knowing what to say, when to say it, and HOW to say it.

Meetings included substantive discussion topics like:

  1. What should AIMS look like in 1,3,5 and 10 years from now?

  2. The launching of Missionspedia and Missionsbook– Missions research and networking tools. 

  3. Recording our five Equipping For The Harvest (EFTH) teachings on video, then work on the remaining 14 seminars. (See the following prayer/financial goals of this project.)

  4. Our Reporting System.

  5. What is a Fountainhead Church?

  6. Our Middle East North Africa Coordinator, Joshua Bold’s, proven Internship Program –It’s function and applicability to the local church.

John Egyawan gave the team the penetrating thought, “I am because we are.”  In other words, each of us are not only interrelated but also co-dependent on the entirety of AIMS. Since 1995, here is what you, our partners, have helped AIMS accomplish:

  • Pastors and Leaders Trained – 170,309

  • Churches Planted – 51,719 (6.4 per day)

  • Salvations – 3,183,087

So, we as an AIMS’ team, inclusive of you as our partners, are committed to team work and to a specific task – seeing the Great Commission become the Great Completion. We want to take the Great I AM to unreached peoples BECAUSE we are found faithful to his calling.

Jesus said, I AM:

  • The Bread of Life – John 6:35

  • The Light of the World – John 8:12

  • The Gate – John 10:9

  • The Good Shepherd – John 10:11

  • The Resurrection and Life – John 11:25

  • The Way, Truth and Life – John 14:6

  • The True Vine – John 15:1

Let’s continue to bring the great I AM to the lost because WE ARE continuing to be faithful to His calling on each of our individual lives, no matter what our capacity or position may be.  We are His Harvest Force!

Thank you for your prayers, financial support, partnership and your commitment to The Great I AM.  

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