Developing Great Commission followers of Christ

spiritually, personally, and professionally.

Use your gifts to make a global impact


Get God’s heart for nations


Gain biblical training

Serve in vital areas of world missions


Grow in your devotion to God


Sharpen your gifts and talents

Spend time with a one-on-one mentor


Develop professional skills


Build community with the AIMS team and other interns

The Details

WHO: AIMS internship is designed for young adults who desire to grow in their passion for God and use their gifts to make a global impact.


AGE: The targeted age range is 18-30.  Highschool diploma or GED equivalent is required.

WHEN: January 4 – March 29 (12 weeks)




COST: Free

The Application Process

* AIMS will accept 7 interns this semester.

Frequently Asked Questions


What can an intern expect?

After spending a portion of each day in Bible training and personal development, interns will serve within the various departments of AIMS.


Will interns be paid?

Interns will not be paid.


Where will I live during the internship?

Housing is the responsibility of the intern.  Housing is not provided through AIMS.


Is transportation provided?

Transportation is not provided.


Can I have another job while interning?

A part-time job is encouraged as long as it does not conflict with the designated hours of internship.

Ready to become an AIMS intern?