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Strategic Alliances

As the Lord has used AIMS to train nationals in 10/40 Window countries,  we have developed strategic alliances in different parts of  the world. Each strategic alliance has a coordinator, who works with US churches, as well as missionaries and indigenous churches to network, train, and assist the national churches of that region to do missions (i.e. reach the unreached peoples of that region). These strategic alliances work ogether to equip the national church of that region to have a missions vision.

The goal is to equip nationals to train and send out their own missionaries to the unreached peoples of that area. These alliances translate materials, host training sessions, and consult and advise national pastors on how to do missions.

AIMS calls these alliances “Epicenters”. The focus of ministry in every Epicenter is to equip the national churches of that region to strategically do their part to complete the Great Commission. What does it mean to do their part to complete the Great Commission? It means that every church would be equipped to do six things:

1. Pray to complete the Great Commission.

2. Give to complete the Great Commission.

3. Send out cross-cultural missionaries to unreached people groups.

4. Partner with other ministries to reach unreached people groups.

5. Help other churches become mobilized church for missions.

To accomplish this goal, first, we pray. Next, we put our materials into the language of the nationals that are serving in that region. Then, we coordinate trainings to equip the national pastors to pursue missions. Additionally, we sometimes send full-time missionaries to that region to coordinate the development of these materials and train. The Lord has used us to train thousands of church leaders and plant thousands of churches.

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Unreached Peoples living in the 10/40 Window


Unreached People Groups


Unreached People Groups living in the 10/40 Window

Church Planting

Imagine hundreds of churches in the undeveloped world sending their own missionaries, with their own funding, to the unreached of their country and beyond. We have seen this happen around the world as AIMS has implemented our “Training of the Trainers” in missions mobilization.

These trained nationals have taken our materials and used them to mobilize their own churches. The result is that their congregations pray, give and send out new missionaries to the unreached people groups (UPGs) in their countries, especially focusing on hard-to-reach peoples.

This strategy has produced tens of thousands of new churches and hundreds of thousands of new souls to worship the true God!

AIMS has been “Training the Trainer” for over 20 years, and we have trained over 167,000 national church leaders, that equates to around 8,300 leaders a year. From this training we have formed over 1,500 UPG partnerships with the national church movements, and these partners are planting over 6.4 churches every day. Praise God for His fruit!!

Our mission is to empower the Church to take the Gospel where it has never been proclaimed, to the final frontiers. We pray for breakthroughs in places like Central Asia, China, Myanmar, Nepal, and the Middle East to equip their leadership, and give them tools necessary to complete the Great Commission.

We are asking you to partner with us. Jesus told us to pray for more workers because “the harvest is great but the laborers few.” (Luke 10:2) Now you can “put feet to your prayers” by helping equip more of these national workers to bring in the harvest. The cost of training one national leader to become a trainer is only $60. Your gifts can help multiply the harvest force. We can only imagine how many people will come to the Lord through your investment.

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Our Target

The 10/40Window is the rectangular area of North Africa, the Middle East and Asia between 10 degrees north and 40 degrees north latitude. The 10/40 Window is often called “The Resistant Belt” and includes the majority of the world’s Muslims, Hindus, and Buddhists.

An Unreached People Group is a people group among which there is no indigenous community of believing Christians with adequate numbers and resources to evangelize their people group.