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Training Files

CourseModuleTitleLanguageFile TypeDownload
ITSM - FoundationsIntroIntroductionEnglishPowerpointDownload
ITSM - Foundations1The Master PlanEnglishPowerpointDownload
ITSM - Foundations2The MissionEnglishPowerpointDownload
ITSM - Foundations3State of the WorldEnglishPowerpointDownload
ITSM - Foundations4Personalizing the Great CommissionEnglishPowerpointDownload
ITSM - Foundations5Final FocusEnglishPowerpointDownload
ITSM - Foundations1-5ITSM - Foundations Student OutlineEnglishPDFDownload
ITSM - FoundationsIntroductionIntro - Presenters ManualEnglishWordDownload
ITSM - FoundationsIntroductionIntro - Presenters ManualEnglishPDFDownload
ITSM - Foundations1The Master Plan - Presenters ManualEnglishWordDownload
ITSM - Foundations1The Master Plan - Presenters ManualEnglishPDFDownload
ITSM - Foundations2The Mission - Presenters ManualEnglishWordDownload
ITSM - Foundations2The Mission - Presenters ManualEnglishPDFDownload
ITSM - Foundations3State of the World - Presenters ManualEnglishWordDownload
ITSM - Foundations3State of the World - Presenters ManualEnglishPDFDownload
ITSM - Foundations4Personalizing - Presenters ManualEnglishWordDownload
ITSM - Foundations4Personalizing - Presenters ManualEnglishPDFDownload
ITSM - Foundations5Final Focus - Presenters ManualEnglishWordDownload
ITSM - Foundations5Final Focus - Presenters ManualEnglishPDFDownload
ITSM - Missions Tools6Church Planting MovementsEnglishPowerpointDownload
ITSM - Missions Tools7Networking through PartnershipsEnglishPowerpointDownload
ITSM - Missions Tools8Goers and SendersEnglishPowerpointDownload
ITSM - Missions Tools9Faith Promise GivingEnglishPowerpointDownload
ITSM - Missions Tools6-9ITSM - Missions Tools Student OutlineEnglishPDFDownload
ITSM - Missions Tools6CPM - Presenters ManualEnglishWordDownload
ITSM - Missions Tools6CPM - Presenters ManualEnglishPDFDownload
ITSM - Missions Tools7Networking - Presenters ManualEnglishWordDownload
ITSM - Missions Tools7Networking - Presenters ManualEnglishPDFDownload
ITSM - Missions Tools8Goers & Senders - Presenters ManualEnglishWordDownload
ITSM - Missions Tools8Goers & Senders - Presenters ManualEnglishPDFDownload
ITSM - Missions Tools9Faith Promise Giving - Presenters ManualEnglishWordDownload
ITSM - Missions Tools9Faith Promise Giving - Presenters ManualEnglishPDFDownload
Intro to Strategic Missions1The Master PlanHindiPowerpoint Download
Intro to Strategic Missions2The MissionHindiPowerpoint Download
Intro to Strategic Missions3State of the WorldHindiPowerpoint Download
Intro to Strategic Missions4Personalizing the Great CommissionHindiPowerpoint Download
Intro to Strategic Missions5Church Planting MovementsHindiPowerpoint Download
Intro to Strategic Missions6NetworkingHindiPowerpoint Download
Intro to Strategic Missions7Goers & SendersHindiPowerpoint Download
Intro to Strategic Missions8Faith Promise GivingHindiPowerpoint Download
Intro to Strategic Missions9Final FocusHindiPowerpoint Download
Intro to Strategic Missions1-9Student OutlineHindiPDFDownload
ITSM - FoundationsIntroductionIntroductionFarsi / PersianPowerpoint Download
ITSM - Foundations1The Master PlanFarsi / PersianPowerpoint Download
ITSM - Foundations2The MissionFarsi / PersianPowerpoint Download
ITSM - Foundations3State of the WorldFarsi / PersianPowerpoint Download
ITSM - Foundations4Personalizing the Great CommissionFarsi / PersianPowerpoint Download
ITSM - Foundations5Final FocusFarsi / PersianPowerpoint Download
ITSM - Missions Tools6Church Planting MovementsFarsi / PersianPowerpoint Download
ITSM - Missions Tools7NetworkingFarsi / PersianPowerpoint Download
ITSM - Missions Tools8Goers & SendersFarsi / PersianPowerpoint Download
ITSM - Missions Tools9Faith Promise GivingFarsi / PersianPowerpoint Download
ITSM - Foundations & Missions Tools1-9Student OutlineFarsi / PersianPDF Download

Training and other Resources

File NameFile UseFile TypeDownload
UPG Adoption CardTraining/Adoption processingPDFDownload
Next StepsWhat to do After Adopting a UPGPDFDownload
ITSM Strategy Exercises Modules 1-9Strategy Exercise ResourcesPDFDownload
Faith Promise CardStrategy Exercise ResourcesPDFDownload
ITSM - Foundations (1-5) Training Completion CertificateCertificateFillable PDFDownload
ITSM Full (1-9) Training Completion CertificateCertificateFillable PDFDownload
New Trainer CertificateCertificateFillable PDFDownload
Regional Coordinator Agreement FormPartnership AgreementPDFDownload
Field Worker Agreement FormPartnership AgreementPDFDownload
Trainer Agreement FormPartnership AgreementPDFDownload
UPG Adoption Agreement FormAdoption AgreementPDFDownload
Field Worker Agreement - Farsi / PersianPartnership AgreementWord Download
Regional Coordinator Agreement - Farsi / PersianPartnership AgreementWord Download
AIMS Logo - Blue/GreyMediaPNGDownload
AIMS Logo - Blue/WhiteMediaPNGDownload
AIMS Logo - WhiteMediaPNGDownload
AIMS Logo - BlackMediaPNGDownload

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