RC – East & Southern Africa Adoptions

RC – East & Southern Africa Adoptions

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UPG Name:Somali

UPG ID:14983ET

UPG Name:Swahili

UPG ID:15145ZA

UPG Name:Silt'e

UPG ID:11677ET

UPG Name:Kisankasa

UPG ID:12719TZ

UPG Name:Yao, Muslim

UPG ID:15988TZ

UPG Name:Matumbi

UPG ID:13589TZ

UPG Name:Mijikenda, Digo

UPG ID:11557TZ

UPG Name:Kami

UPG ID:19067TZ

UPG Name:Dhaiso

UPG ID:18897TZ

UPG Name:Assa

UPG ID:19572TZ

UPG Name:Oromo, Jima

UPG ID:19653ET

UPG Name:Amhara, Wollo

UPG ID:15840ET

UPG Name:Chara

UPG ID:11309ET

UPG Name:Berta, Benishangul

UPG ID:10793ET

UPG Name:Daasanach

UPG ID:14549OD

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