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The AIMS.ORG Podcast will ignite passion and a global perspective in the difference-makers who aim to make a greater impact in the world. Join Joshua Bold, leader of AIMS.ORG and former missionary to the Middle East, for inspiring conversations with practical applications that will help you live a set-apart life. New episodes drop monthly.

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power shifts

by: Dr. Howard Foltz

Despite what many believers think, taking the good news of the Gospel of Christ to the whole world isn’t just a good idea or a suggestion. It’s a decree straight from God and an act of obedience to His will in our lives.

In this missions manifesto for the 21st century, Dr. Foltz reveals the essential power shifts that must take place to reinvigorate the church’s approach to intentional evangelism.

Discover how to connect to the power of the gospel in your life like never before and bring it to unreached people groups both where you are and around the world!

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harvest connection

by: Dr. Howard Foltz

You have a desire to share the gospel, but if you and your church don’t have scriptural vision and practical application, little will happen. In Harvest Connection, Dr. Howard Foltz shares thought-provoking insights gleaned from more than fifty years in missions leadership. You will learn how to motivate and equip yourself and your church to take part in God’s great final harvest.

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from jerusalem to rome

by: Terry Roberts

From Jerusalem to Rome will help you identify your personal role and the role of your church in mobilizing to help bring in the final harvest. This book will provide you with practical strategies to effectively reach people in your local area, your region and nation, other cultures, and those in unreached people groups in the world.

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